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Laminated Spaghetti Utensils

I have a website that sells woodworking plans. For over eight years I was an Associate Editor for a woodworking magazine called Weekend Woodworking. My job included designing, building, photographing, and writing articles for woodworking projects that could be made in a weekend. I loved that job! Then the day came when the boss said he was going to stop publishing the magazine. What to do now?! My friend (the editor) and I decided that since we loved what we were doing we would continue doing it. But we had to take the expensive parts out…printing and mailing. So we created a website where people could download a pdf of a woodworking plan, print it out and then take it with them to the shop.

Wooden laminated utensil set

Use these beautiful hardwood utensils to measure out spaghetti and to serve when cooked.

A while ago my business partner left the area and I decided to keep going, but it would need a major overhaul. Along with the website update I wanted to have new projects to upload. I found a couple of almost finished ones in the garage. Gotta love that! This last week I have been working to get those finished and published. I have also created a few new, quick projects, mostly children’s toys that I thought I would put in my portfolio here too. I’ll blog about those projects soon.

I really enjoyed making this project… laminating layers of wood to create a more colorful design in the wood. For this set I used thin strips of purple heart wood, oak and walnut in maple. It’s great to use specialty hardwoods in small amounts to add something special to a piece.

I’m going to go through all my lumber and see what I have. I am really getting enthused about working with wood again … Yea!