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Music Cake

We got a cake order from the crab feed cake! Only trouble is… They need it for a birthday party on Saturday! The party is already planned, so there is will be some back and forth with email to see what the decor is like.

music cake topper

Top of the music cake with chandelier sign.

The birthday girl, who is turning eighteen, sings at the church and will soon be going to college on a scholarship. Her chosen colors for the party are black, white and silver. Nice.

Her mom asked for a sign to be placed on the cake. She’d get back to me later with the wording she wants. I’ll make that up on the computer when I have the info. They are so excited about this cake!


Close-up of flowers and music notes.

I loved the idea of a cake with simple flowers, music notes and a chandelier-type topper.

To make the topper I found some black stainless wire in the jewelry department at JoAnn’s. (They have so many nice colors.) When I got home I made five curlicues with the wire. I figured the card I print up will be inserted into the middle wire. To the others I added some clear faceted pendants with silver beads on each side. Very nice, I like it.

The cake didn’t need to be big, so a three-layer 8″ round, chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting would work perfectly.

The flowers were fast and easy. I just cut flowers using the different sizes of rose cutters. I set them in an egg carton to dry and then made contrasting balls for the centers. They would dry and be ready to put on the cake last.

After torting and frosting the cake the day before, I left it until the day of the party. I’ve learned to let the cake settle overnight; less sagging problems that way.

The day of the party… We covered the cake in grey fondant. Then I used silver dusting powder mixed with some lemon extract and painted the cake silver. I started with the black trim around the bottom and then rolled the black lines the music notes would follow. With that set in place; I arranged the flowers around the cake for a somewhat even effect.

I sunk a plastic straw into the cake, offset from the center, then placed the chandelier in. It needed a few small flowers to finish off the top. We added the sign and there we have it!