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And Thee I Wed

Karen’s nephew and his bride were coming to town. They live on the east coast and this was their first trip out to the west coast since getting married. We were going to be making a cake and catering a small reception for the family and friends that couldn’t make it to the wedding.

The event was being held in the common room where my sister lives. Nice and close. I’ll get the cake finished and then deliver the cake and help with setup and any other last minute things that come up.

Small sheet cake as an open bible. Cross on one page and couples initial and wedding quote on the other.

I came up with a small somewhat simple cake design. A small sheet cake that was made to look like an open bible. All I would have to do is make two pages to set on the top.

To decorate the pages I used gum paste to make a cross and the newlywed’s initial. I added some embellishments to give the feel of the artwork found in very old bibles.

There was a quote that was used in their wedding that I put on below the initial. I used edible marking pens to write the quote and to paint the designs on the pages.

Scoring the sides of the cake and painting them gold added texture. A brown rope of fondant around the bottom of the whole cake looked like a book cover. A little dark brown dust aged the book. The last touch was the red ribbon of fondant marking the page.

The most refreshing melon salad ever!

While the family decorated the room my sister and I put the finishing touches on the food.

Karen made a family favorite… a pasta dish with chicken.

A new recipe  for a pineapple, kiwi, cantaloupe, honeydew, lime and mint salad. I had seen it made on The Chew and passed it along. It looked worth a try. As it turned out, it was perfect. Even down to the colors; orange, yellow, and green. Delicious!

Five flavored butters with fresh rustic breads.

Beautiful strawberries were in season so we had a big platter of those for color.

The next thing we dished up were flavored butters for the Butter Bar. Five different butters; strawberry, orange honey, basil garlic, blue cheese and chive. Fresh rustic artisan breads were cut up to spread that yummy butter on. I could eat that all day long.

Along with the cake, I made two of my candy pizzas. One was all-chocolate pizza and the other a combination with broccoli. The kids who were coming to the reception would love them!