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One-Year-Old’s Birthday Cake

My little granddaughter’s first birthday is coming. The kids are throwing an open house so friends and family can come by and celebrate the day. I always think it’s a lot of work to make a cake, that will then be destroyed by a one-year-old, just so there’s a funny photo in the album. With that in mind, I think I will make a giant cupcake cake and a few dozen cupcakes.

floral cupcake display

Trio of floral thrift store candlesticks used as cupcake displays make for a sweet presentation.

I just found three great ceramic candlesticks at the St. Vincent dePaul thrift shop. Three heights with a different pastel floral design painted on each of them. Add a plate on each and they become a fantastic cupcake display. Now to figure out a cake design that will compliment my new display pieces, as well as look like a little girl’s first birthday cake.

The one thing I knew I wanted to do was to make a crawling baby out of gum paste. Picturing the giant cupcake, I thought it would be cute to have a baby crawling up to the top where a candle is.

Pulling colors from the display, I made a vanilla with raspberry filling, fondant-covered giant cupcake. Half of the regular-sized cupcakes had raspberry filling also. I’m just going to frost the cupcakes and decorate with gum paste flowers.


Baby with pacifier crawling to top of cupcake.

I covered an already existing birthday candle with white gum paste and wound a lavender stripe around it. I made loops of different colors to make a bow around the candle. Flowers and a couple butterflies would finish off the topper. To trim the bottom of the cupcake I rolled a lot of little lavender balls and circled the base.

Children and adults alike enjoyed the cupcakes. We saved the giant cupcake for later.┬áBut best of all was the enjoyment on the birthday girl’s face, as she tasted a sweet dessert for the first time!


First birthday cake for my little granddaughter.