Metal Mulisha Cake

Happy 30th Birthday Joe

My dear friend’s son turned 30 this year. Joe’s birthday is very soon after Thanksgiving and I didn’t do anything until after that weekend. I would be starting work on the first of December and had a lot to finish up before my time got eaten up with work! Luckily, this was not a huge project and I was more than happy to do it.

Fan of Metal Mulisha gets his birthday cake

Fan of Metal Mulisha gets his birthday cake

Our idea was to go with Metal Mulisha… he wears a lot of it. As does my younger son. So, I was familiar with it. I went online to find a picture of the skull with the helmet I knew was part of the brand. In no time at all I found what I was looking for and then traced the photo in Illustrator so I could size it to the cake.

An eight-inch round, two-layer, red velvet cake would mean I didn’t have to go very big with the emblem. Just big enough to handle the details easily. I colored the fondant grey and went with the white emblem with black trim.

One candle for each decade and another great year to come!

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