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What’s in a blog?

I didn’t really start out to write a blog…

But my friends keep asking me where they can see the cakes I’ve been making. The obvious answer to that would be a webpage. Lucky for me  my eldest son is a web designer for a graphics firm and offered to help me put together this website. It is a work in progress at this point, but I can now put up photos of my cakes, or anything I work on, that might be of interest to someone else.  And since I’ve been making notes on a lot of my projects anyway, I might as well back date some of the entries here as I transfer my notes to the blog.

I think a little background is needed here…

In my family any occasion is reason to celebrate. We are known to family and friends for our themed costume parties. Dating back to the first one, when I turned 30. My family thought it would be funny if they all dressed up as old folks, so I wouldn’t feel so alone in aging. It was a fun day all around, the clever costumes and personalities. My sister-in-law had balloons in her blouse and looked like Ma Kettle! Anybody out there remember Ma and Pa Kettle from the fifties? My younger brother managed to stay in character all day long… a grumpy old man. Reminded me of the old Laugh-In character. Too funny.

From that point on when somebody celebrated a decade birthday we threw an over-the-top theme party. When I say over-the-top, I don’t mean expensive. One of the best things to do is to go with my sister to my favorite party stores… some people call them thrift shops. I find that hitting the thrift stores for clothing, decorating items and anything that might help a theme along is just too much fun. Give me a theme or vague idea and the brainstorming kicks in.

From crafting, decorating, repurposing to knitting, baking and party planning, I hope to share my experiences with you… so welcome to my blog!



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