Karaoke Singer's Birthday Cake

Something from the ’60s

A request came in… a cake for a 60th birthday party. Favorite flower, tulip. Favorite decade, 60’s. Favorite singers, The Beatles and Dan Fogelberg. Loves Karaoke!


karaoke cake top view

Top view of the Karaoke cake with gum paste 45’s.

First thoughts are I gotta go with 45 records from the ’60s, pink tulips and contrasting white daisies, music notes and a microphone. The parts are figured… now I have to figure out how to make them look good. I want this to be relatively simple because I have a very involved cake the next day. Although for both cakes, most of the pieces will have to be made ahead.

I will need to get my hands on an old 45 record to see what size it is. My sister is the keeper of the 45’s from our youth. They are actually still in the original olive green, plastic carrier, with “The Beatles” screened on it, that I got in sixth grade. Oh! I can use an old record as a cake board. Looove it. Or maybe I should say… groovy!

I didn’t want everything about the cake to be circular, so I made a square spice cake and put it in the freezer for later that week. The sixties meant bright colors… I’d cover the cake in yellow fondant. Make the record labels blue and green and bring in girly pink in the tulips.

I made three 45’s of black gum paste/fondant. I wanted two of them to stand on end so they had to dry. The obvious song on one of the 45’s had to be “Birthday” from The Beatles. For the other, I chose Dan Fogelburg’s “Leader of the Band”. I took a comb tool and dragged it around the record and added the titles with edible ink.

closeup of microphone

Close-up of candy studded microphone.

The microphone was made with cereal treats, of course. It turned out pretty fat by the time I got it frosted and covered in gum paste, but, oh well! I looked high and low for silver dragées for the top of the microphone and couldn’t find any. I did find silver sprinkles and sugar, so I had to go with those.

I had not made tulips before, but they went together easily. And as much as I love daisies, they are fragile. Always make extra of those! Two different leaves in color and shape would round out the topper.

birthday record

“Birthday” from The Beatles

I also made the music notes ahead of time. I then let everything dry for a couple of days. Everything would be easy to set on the cake when ready.

I made a coffee buttercream frosting. It tastes great with a spice cake!  After I stacked it the yellow fondant went on. I set it on the old, but clean album. Nice. I decided to just score the sides of the cake with waves of lines and “glue” the notes onto each side of the cake.

leader of the band

Gum paste 45rmp record …Leader of the Band.

I couldn’t set the cake up exactly as originally planned in my head. But I placed two of the 45’s on opposite sides with the third on the top. The flowers went into the center of the top with one tulip lying along the side of the cake. The microphone would go along side also.

karaoke lovers cake

Personalized karaoke cake for 60-year-old birthday girl.



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